Wedding Day Tips & Tricks

1. Wake up refreshed! Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before your big day in order to prepare for the long day ahead of you!

2. Keep your energy up! It is very important to make sure to eat throughout the day. Do not forget to eat breakfast. You should also make it a point to appoint someone in the wedding party or a family member to be in charge of snacks so that you don’t feel lightheaded.

3. Put your phone away! In order to have your day as stress-free as possible, try to stay off of your phone as much as possible. Delegate someone else to be the point of contact in case there are any bumps in the road on your special day.

4. Give yourself plenty of time! Make sure that you allot plenty of time for the wedding party to get ready. Hair and make up always takes longer than anticipated, so build extra time into your timeline so that you do not get behind.

5. Smile! Remember to smile and keep a positive attitude. Even if you are stressed or overwhelmed on the inside, remember that the guests are there to celebrate you and your spouse on your special day!