Building History

A Long History in Cincinnati, Ohio

Established in 1850 in response to Cincinnati's burgeoning population, St. Paul's Church in Over The Rhine was conceived by Father Joseph Ferneding. This Romanesque architectural gem boasts vaulted ceilings adorned with golden pineapples, symbolizing friendship and hospitality, and is supported by 12 Corinthian columns at the altar.

Noteworthy stained glass windows, including pieces by German artist F.X. Zettler, adorn the church. The first, installed in the 1900s, commemorates the 50th wedding anniversary of the Hemmelgarns, winning top honors at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Another Zettler window, added a few years later, honors a priest of the church. Additional stained glass windows were installed in 1925 for the church's 75th anniversary.

By 1970, suburban migration had reduced the congregation to 70 members, leading to the church's closure and deconsecration by the Diocese. In 1981, The Verdin Company, North America's oldest bell and clock company, purchased the deteriorating building, investing one and a half million dollars in its restoration. After a two-year effort, the restored building became The Verdin Company's corporate headquarters and the Verdin Bell and Clock Museum.

In the late 1990s, The Bell Event Centre was established within St. Paul's Church. This spectacular venue, featuring hand-painted murals, marble, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, terrazzo flooring, and a cobblestone courtyard, became an unrivaled setting for events. In 2008, Christy Cafeo and her family acquired The Bell Event Centre, transforming it into a premier venue for memorable events.

With its rich history, elegant setting, and exceptional amenities, The Bell Event Centre remains the perfect place to bring your dream wedding to life.